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about the yellowstone project

The project just wrapped up very recently and I think I will have more insight as I sit with it longer. I can tell you that when I was finishing up the miami project I asked myself what is the complete opposite. At the time, tourist in landscaped seemed like a polar opposite to a porn actresses laying on tables as men photographed them. I was also very interested in how culturally we engaged/re-engage with nature. Yellowstone seemed like a perfect place to photograph this ph. Yellowstone is the first national park in the world and is densely populated with tourist during the summer months.

After spending minutes, in what is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, I realized spectacle would be a major driver in this work. Like my other projects

about the work

My photographic process has always been about documenting people and place to create records of the ordinary - and, through that process, finding poetry within the mundane. Creating large-scale panoramic photographs allows me to show simultaneously details and relationships at multiple spacial and perceptual levels—for example, both the self-conscious way a young woman holds her hand by her side as she allows someone to photograph her, as well as her place in the sea of people around her engaged in a similar task. It allows me to show a sweeping view of the cityscape from a distance, while simultaneously revealing the fine details of the scales of a fish that a boy proudly displays for the camera.

The photographs are on average around 85 inches long (there is also a 44 inch long version). They are ultrachrome inkjet prints, printed on a Epson 9800. Generally I assemble 6 to 8 separate images in PhotoShop to create almost a 360 view.